New clients arrive at your clinic. They aren't sure what to expect, but they are eager to make a change in their life. In modern times, clients expect nothing less than miracles. You need to drive them toward the most effective therapy process possible. Within the agreed number of meetings, they expect to see concrete results.

One way to boost the effects of the therapy is to encourage the clients to practice at home between meetings. This could be difficult for those who don’t necessarily have the strong will and discipline required to self-practice. Providing them with audio sessions to practice at home is a good way to help with that.

The Benefits of Practicing at Home

Everyone understands that it's impossible to make a significant change in only a few weekly meetings. Practicing at home complements the in-office meetings and provide many benefits:

The Alternative

Nowadays, everyone wants instant results.

The ever-increasing use of drug prescriptions is a major obstacle for mental therapy today. Taking a pill is much easier than committing to a full therapy process, and people are easily tempted into this dangerous, often ineffective route.

To maximize your therapy sessions’ effectiveness, you need to encourage your clients to actively participate in the process. Practicing at home with audio sessions can help to achieve that.

Using live audio therapy in the clinic and practicing at home with the recorded live sessions can greatly benefit hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Saving Your Time

Sharm Live enables you to create an amazing therapy experience for your client in your clinic or on the go, without any preparation. You can simply improvise according to your client's needs.

At the end of the live session, you’ll be able to provide your client with a full recording of the audio session. They can use this to practice at home before the next meeting.

With Sharm Studio, you can use pre-recorded templates to quickly and easily customize audio sessions that are tailored to each client's unique needs.

Attract More Clients to Your Practice

The unique offer of audio sessions to practice at home between meetings will positively influence the clients' attitude toward the therapy process. As a result, satisfied clients will refer their friends and relatives to your practice.

Creating and publishing your therapy audio products can also be a powerful marketing tool to attract more clients to your practice. Audio products for sale and distribution enable potential clients to experience the therapy that you offer—with your voice, personality, and professional skills—before they commit to a full series of therapy meetings.

Keep in Touch with Past Clients

Committing to years of therapy meetings is rare these days. Most clients are willing to return for a limited series of a therapy sessions in a relatively short period of time. But what happens after the therapy work ends?

Well, audio therapy services and products are a great way to keep in touch with your former clients: